Friday, January 21, 2011

A House of Order

Clutter, we all have it!  We just have to keep on top of it and get rid of it.  My clutter story starts when I got out of college and moved into my first apartment.  I remember looking at the stuff on the floor and thinking I don't have anything.  After that when ever I found something on sale I would buy it and store it thinking I might need it later.  I devoted a whole bedroom to my "what I might need later. Then I got married and got some new stuff that my husband brought with him.  Then we had a baby and reorganized out stuff to fit into his closet.  We then moved into a three bedroom home and I felt like I finally had more room.  One room became a storage room.  We then had twins and my laundry room became a storage room.  We got pregnant again and our last child lived in our room and my bedroom became a place of piles and junk!  That's how I got to where I am.  I want to make my home a House of Order.   I started this blog to get organized but I'll have other home related stuff here too.  Can't wait to get started on A House of Order.